Thank You

To my amazing wife Myra, who despite being 5 months pregnant when we discussed the tournament and realizing how much work it would be, told me to go ahead and do it.  We should all be so lucky to have such a supportive spouse to spend our life with.

To my man with the big brain, Bill Travers: Bill has been extremely generous with his time and talent and has made everything on the website possible.  Whatever success we have with the tournament wouldn’t have been possible without his help.

To Les Correia:  Les has always been a great friend and golf buddy for many years.  Les is just one of those guys that just says yes and is always there for a friend.  Les will be the DJ at the reception.

To Adam Snow for taking my idea and making our tournament logo come to life.

To the late Pam Washek: Pam founded the Neighbor Brigade during her decade long fight with cancer.  My father is the inspiration for the tournament but learning about Pam and her actions are what inspired me to take action.

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$55 – Dinner Only

$150 – Golf and Dinner

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